Nerd Nite: Seattle…an evening with a nerd and a cocktail

This past week I was fortunate enough to give a guest “lecture” for a nerd night event at Lucid Lounge in Seattle. I use the term “lecture” loosely because really I gave a powerpoint in a bar with a cocktail in hand. However, it was such a treat to share my research about the evolution and sensory ecology of Neotropical leaf-nosed bats with so many people outside of the University of Washington and outside of elementary school groups.

I discussed the 3D Morphological aspect of my dissertation and how diversity in the nose leaf and ears may be related to ecological diversity (i.e. eating different foods). I was ecstatic, when at the end of my talk, about a dozen hands shot up and I received many passionate and insightful questions. Whenever I have doubt that my research is not relevant or potentially uninteresting to the public it is experiences like this that inspire me to continue to share my developments as I forge a path through graduate school. There is always  at least one person who is truly interested in what we do and that is all it takes.

To anyone who might feel like this, keep sharing! It is worth it.

In a couple months you might see my talk here:

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